Environmentally Sexy Interview with Kimberly and Fabrizio

On the road of life, FIAT® 500e drivers want a vehicle, and a date, that offer more than you’d expect. They crave stamina, impeccable Italian styling and a passion for Mother Earth. They lust for something electric. That’s why we created EnvironmentallySexy.com, an online destination where drivers can meet the electric vehicle and soul mate they’ve always dreamed of.

Kimberly and Fabrizio are just two of the lucky Earth-lovers to find each other on EnvironmentallySexy.com. Read their interview to learn more about their budding love for each other and the FIAT 500e.


What did you think when you saw each other’s profiles on EnvironmentallySexy.com?

Kimberly: When I first saw Fabrizio’s picture on EnvironmentallySexy.com and then I read how much he loved the Earth, I thought, “This guy’s too good to be true.” He’s like the FIAT 500e, sexy, handsome and environmentally friendly.

Fabrizio: It’s true. When I’m not modeling or spending time with beautiful women, I recycle and save the sea turtles.

Kimberly: See what I mean? I saw Fabrizio and thought, if I were a tree; I’d want him to be my tree hugger.

Fabrizio But then I read about her passion for electric cars and Italian models and I knew she appreciated all the things I love.

It sounds like being environmentally sexy is very important to both of you.

Kimberly: Oh it is. We do all kinds of things to protect the environment. Like, we bring our own reusable shopping bags to the farmers market every weekend and we decorated our whole house using sustainable materials. Our coffee table is made of reclaimed oak from Italian wine barrels. Most importantly, we always make sure to turn off all of our appliances and lights when we’re not using them.

Fabrizio: We spend a lot of time with the lights off.

What did you feel the first time you met?

Kimberly: Our first date was at a public charging station, which was Fabrizio’s suggestion. At first I thought it was a strange place to have a date, but then I saw Fabrizio and his FIAT 500e and instantly felt the electricity.

Fabrizio: Yes, I was lost in thought, charging my FIAT 500e and daydreaming about using its 108 estimated highway range to take nice road trip. Then I looked up and saw Kimberly admiring me and the car. I knew she was the perfect road trip companion.

There’s more to come. Visit FIAT Backstage again soon to hear the rest of Kimberly and Fabrizio’s environmentally sexy love story.

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Environmentally Sexy Interview with Ryan and Sofia

We kicked off our Environmentally Sexy interview series hearing from the Earth lovers Kimberly and Fabrizio. But, they are just one of the many couples who have found a romance, and an electric vehicle, with incredible range on EnvironmentallySexy.com.

To continue our series, let’s hear from another couple, Ryan and Sofia, and learn more about their electric love affair with each other and the FIAT® 500e.


What did you think when you saw each other’s profiles on EnvironmentallySexy.com?

Ryan: I went on EnvironmentallySexy.com because I wanted to meet a woman who was beautiful, inside and out. When I first saw Sofia’s picture, I thought she must be a model. When I read more about her and learned she was actually a lawyer and Italian game show hostess, I knew she was someone I would do anything to be with.

Sofia: When I read Ryan’s profile, what I liked most was how…flexible he seemed. I thought, “Here’s a man who will try new things for me, like wheatgrass and the FIAT 500e.”


What was your first date like?

Ryan: For our first date, Sofia suggested we meet at this great little vegan Moroccan restaurant. All night I couldn’t stop staring, er, I mean listening to all of the interesting things she had to say. By the end of the date, I knew my life had changed forever – can you believe I used to eat steak?

Sofia: Our first date was magical. Meeting Ryan was almost as exciting as learning how I could monitor and control the heating and cooling, charging status and door locks of my FIAT 500e from a mobile app.*

What’s next for you two?

Ryan: Sofia wants us to have a long life together, so she’s started me on this great diet and exercise routine. I tell you, I’ve never felt better. It’s like I’ve got the energy – and stamina – of the state-of-the-art battery-electric powertrain in the FIAT 500e.

Sofia: I’m also teaching him Italian, and we are planning a trip to Italy, well a road trip to Little Italy, so he can meet my family. The FIAT 500e Pass program gives us up to 12 days of car rental service each year for three years, so we don’t have to miss out on trips that require the range of a gas vehicle.


Come back soon for more. Visit FIAT Backstage soon to read the rest of the story about Ryan and Sofia’s environmentally sexy romance.

* Visit www.fiataccess.com/termsandconditions to learn about the 36-month operability period of FIAT Access Services. Available for iPhone® mobile devices and Android™.

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Spring Cleaning, FIAT® 500 Style

April showers might bring May flowers, but it also brings spring cleaning, typically one of the less-exciting fresh starts of the season. But if you expand your battleground to the great outdoors, you might actually find yourself having fun – especially if a garden hose and your FIAT® 500 are nearby. Here are our DIY tips to get your ride looking its best this season, and throughout the year.

Suiting Up

You’ll need a bucket, of course. You’ll also need a soap tough enough to wash away winter grime, but mild enough not to harm your car’s paint job. Skip the dish variety. For scrubbing and detailing, choose microfiber towels or mitts that won’t shed on or harm your car’s finish.


As it gets warmer, it might be tempting to work on your tan while cleaning the car, but parking in the shade will keep suds from drying and staining as you go along. If bugs have died 1,000 deaths upon your windshield or grill, presoak to loosen the guts (there’s no pretty way to phrase that) and apply the same treatment to lower doors, fenders and along wheel wheels, where things tend to get extra messy.


The Top-Down Approach

Start lathering from the roof on down. Obvious, yes, but along with keeping dirt from traveling over what you’ve already washed, you won’t drag coarse debris from the bottom of your car over the rest of its body or glass. Wash and rinse in sections (roof, then hood, then right fender, etc.), and then tackle your wheels using a separate towel or mitt before rinsing everything again.

Devil in the Details

If after washing your car you notice any problem areas (say, any spots previously exposed to birds with particularly weak stomachs), apply a clay paint cleaner cut with liquid wax to smooth out the finish. Then, apply either liquid or paste wax to the entire body. You’ll want to repeat this step once in each subsequent season to keep the perfect shine.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Apply a standard glass cleaner to each side of the windows and a water-beading solution to the exterior windshield. For carpets, upholstery and vents, use standard vacuum attachments (if you have one, an air compressor is great for cleaning the inside of vents). If you use protectant spray or towelettes on your dash, leather and other trim, make sure it’s rubbed in completely so dust won’t stick to it.

Our Mopar team has developed many products designed to give you best results for all of your hard work. Check out some of the products the pros recommend:

  • Tire Treatment – spray and wipe to enhance tire appearance…exclusively for tires and sidewalls
  • Cleaner Wax – Specially formulated for today’s sophisticated paints.  Leaves finish glossy and well protected
  • Finish Enhancer – Use between car washes to remove dust and other pollutants.  Quick and easy, just mist and wipe
  • Chrome Cleaner – Specifically formulated for use on chrome surfaces that are exposed to weather or water
  • Super Kleen Bug, Tar & Spot Remover – Wipes away those sticky, unsightly substances
  • Leather, Rubber & Vinyl Protector – Renews and preserves leather, rubber & vinyl interior components.  Protects surfaces with a beautiful medium gloss shine.  Prevents weathering with UV protectant

Head over to the official Mopar site to locate your nearest Mopar retailer to purchase any of these items. When you’re done admiring your newly pristine ride, let us know which tips you found most helpful, or feel free to share your own helpful advice in the comments below.

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An Electric Personality: An interview with FIAT® USA’s Brett Giem PART 1

Ever since the announcement of the release of the new FIAT® 500e*, our dedicated fans have asking for more details on our first all-electric version of the FIAT 500. First off, we love the fact that our fans are so excited for the all new, all-electric 500e. Secondly, we’ve heard the clamors for more information about this innovative new 500 offering and are ready to deliver.

FIAT Backstage recently spoke with Brett Giem, who is our chief engineer on the 500e program.  Brett was involved in defining the program and now offers some of his insights on the FIAT 500e. Read on for part one of our two-part interview with Brett.

FIAT Backstage (FB) – Brett, thanks for taking the time to chat with us about the new FIAT 500e. But before we dive into giving fans an inside look at the 500e, what can you tell us about the need for alternative-energy vehicles?

Brett Giem (BG)It’s my pleasure to have the chance to talk directly to our fans! To answer your question, alternative-fuel vehicles play a big role for FIAT USA. Being eco-friendly is a main pillar of our brand, and we are known worldwide as producers of efficient, Italian-designed products, and the 500e serves to further that effort.

FB – Now, many potential customers might look at the FIAT 500e and think, “Oh, it’s just another EV.” What do you feel the 500e brings to the table that hasn’t been seen on the EV market before?

BG – We looked beyond making an EV on the 500e program. The 500e was designed from the beginning to be first true to its FIAT 500 DNA of “simply more.” Keep it simple and honest. Keep the driving experience spirited and fun. The result is a great car first that’s an EV second.

FB – Now, as part of working on the 500e project, you had the chance to use the 500e as your family car for a while— tell us about that time and what you think potential customers, who may be cautious of an EV purchase, should know about the 500e to alleviate any worry.

BG – Here’s the scene from the first time I used a 500e to deliver my three kids to school: My 6’3″ 15-year-old jumps into the front passenger seat, while his 5’11″ brother and nine-year-old sister look on from outside. I size up the situation and say “figure it out.”

A brief pause, then my 15-year-old jumps out, tips the passenger seat forward to let in his sister and brother. As he reclaims his front seat he asks his brother how far he can put the seat back. They settle on ½ inch of knee clearance for each. It has been exactly the same for eight months of commuting. We talk about the day and plan the evenings just like we’d do in any other car — except we’re sitting a little closer together. (Which is not a bad thing!) The point is that the 500e easily becomes part of your life and you can adapt to it just as easily.


FB – Well it sounds like you had no problem fitting the 500e into the busy life of you and your family. Since you spent so much time with the 500e, can you describe the behind-the-wheel experience for our fans? How does it compare to a traditional motor vehicle?

BG – In every instance where we made a decision on how 500e feels when driving, we first looked to the 500 Lounge (gas version) and copied it to ensure 500e had a familiar feel. That being said, there are three key differences that a 500e enjoys vs. gasoline-powered vehicles.

First, the torque! After a brief ramp-in to keep rubber on the tires, 147 lb-ft of torque is available at launch, making the pull off the line a great reason to grin. The torque stays with you at city driving speeds, making 500e “tossable” in and out of traffic.

Second, the handling! The battery placement in 500e lowers and balances the weight distribution, making the car feel very connected to the road. This helps make the driving experience confident and matches very well with the launch torque. 

Finally, it’s quiet! No roaring engine, no shifting gears; low road input and wind noise. I have to use the cruise control to make sure I’m not exceeding local speed limits. The car is so smooth and quiet that its speed can be deceptive.

Check back soon for part two of our interview with Bret Giem! In the meantime, if you’re looking to discover for yourself just how cool the new 500e is, head over to environmentallysexy.com to find out if the 500e is a perfect match for you.

What aspect of the 500e has surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

*The FIAT 500e is only available in California

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Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told.

With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection.

We love to hear your fondest FIAT® memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites.

You can see some of our previous favorites here:

Alexandra Stewart

I had been seeing these attractive little cars all over for some time in 2012. In October 2012, I was going on vacation and the trip would be over 1600 miles, so I rented a car. I requested an economy car and when I arrived to pick up the rental, it was a royal blue FIAT 500. I was so excited! I could now find out for myself what it was like to drive one, and on such a long drive I would really know what all the hype was about regarding gas mileage and comfort.


When I returned home from my 1600-mile vacation I added up all my receipts and was amazed at the fuel total for the trip. Only $130.00. The next day after returning the 500, I went to the dealership and purchased my own Chiaro Verde FIAT 500 Pop! I am thrilled! I am a FIAT devotee and I love it! 

Catherine Hauser

My partner and I had been looking for a new car since the start of 2013. Several different makes and models crossed our mind, but it wasn’t until March that our minds were made up. Participating in our local St. Patrick’s Day parade, my float was directly behind our local FIAT dealership. Their “float” was a 500 Cabrio, and I could not stop staring at it!


After doing some research as soon as I got home, visiting the dealership and test driving to our heart’s content, it only took two more weeks from the first day I spotted the FIAT 500 to make our purchase – a Sport, the very first one we test drove!

We could not be more in love with our choice. The features, the look, the value and the excellent buying experience make us want to go for a ride everyday – even if it’s just down the block!

Tomm Furch

I love this ’79 X 1/9! A small racing accident with the original forced me to build the current version out of three: running gear from one, body from another (only 635 S/Ns apart!), and the engine from a third. This little car loves it here on the mountain roads in the High Rockies of Montana. And I love to be the one to point it where we want to go


Do you have a FIAT story of your own? Share it with us!

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The FIAT® 500 & Dude Perfect: Impossible Shots Meet Impeccable Design

“A free sandwich, a simple camera, and 20 ‘I can do better than you’ shots later, Dude Perfect was born.” So begins the story of one of the most entertaining groups ever to grace the YouTube screen (and there’s a lot of entertaining things on YouTube, mind you). Dude Perfect is a group of friends dedicated to devising, setting up and making some of the most impressive, difficult, downright amazing trick shots ever filmed. They are known for their extreme shots and eagerness to push the limits of not only themselves, but each other too. Remember, there are sandwiches on the line. So, when Dude Perfect decided to use a FIAT® 500 Abarth Cabrio driven by professional stunt drivers in their diabolically awesome shot plan, we knew it was going to get good.

Just how good did it get? See for yourself here!

Pretty cool, huh? We thought so, too. The Dude Perfect guys are known as Ambassadors of Fun, and we can think of no better way to describe the Abarth Cabrio. With its Italian style and racing-inspired handling, the Abarth Cabrio definitely brings a world of fun to anyone who gets inside.

PapanekDudePerfect (361 of 413)

Professional Stunt Driver and Racer, Samuel Hubinette, had a blast working with the Dude Perfect crew helping them prefect some of the most awe-inspiring trick shots in the compilation. Here’s what Samuel had to say about his day with Dude Perfect:

“Having a group of young guys with so much positive energy around you definitely makes it to a good day at your office. Speaking of office, my office that day was the Abarth Convertible and my to-do list consisted of doing some sick stunts, so that made it even better!

I was amazed at how the guys had the strength to be tossing those basketballs and footballs the whole day and making it in the target.”

The guys are also pros at finding the most entertaining route to the hoop. Kind of reminds us of how a lot of our drivers like to make the long way home their only way home. Now that we’ve told you a bit about the fun the guys had preforming the shots, we think you might be interested in something a little more visual – so check out some of our exclusive pics from behind the scenes of this amazing day:

PapanekDudePerfect (327 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (301 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (271 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (229 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (140 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (128 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (81 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (29 of 413) PapanekDudePerfect (11 of 413)

We want to give special thanks to the guys from Dude Perfect, and Samuel Hubinette!

Want to take your best shot at designing your perfect Abarth Cabrio? Check out the Abarth building feature on our website, and then give your nearest Studio a call to turn your dream shot into some very real power. Which trick-shot did you guys like best? Tell us in the comments below!

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Graduate in Style with a FIAT® 500

Graduation is a magnificent and thrilling moment in life. You have worked so hard to achieve your personal goals, and now with that diploma in hand, those endless nights of studying have finally paid off.  As a graduate, you will begin to shift your own gears and accelerate into adulthood at your own speed. However uncertain the road ahead may be, the FIAT® College Graduate Program is here to help you navigate the real world in style.


If you’ve graduated in the last two years, are expecting to graduate in the next six months, or are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program, you are eligible to receive $500 bonus cash towards the down payment on a stunning new 2013 FIAT 500.

Just bring one of the following documents to your local Studio to show proof of your graduate status:

– A copy of your application for graduation
– A letter from your registrar’s office stating your intent to graduate within six months
– A copy of your diploma
– A letter from your college or university’s registrar’s office showing your enrollment status in a graduate program

If you are among the scholars of the class of 2013, we congratulate you. Which of life’s courses will you take in your new FIAT 500?

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