Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told.

With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection.

We love to hear your fondest FIAT® memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites.

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Christine Seidita

I saw an article in a car magazine two years ago talking about the relaunch of the FIAT 500. I fell in love with it. I cut the picture out of the magazine and hung it on the wall in my office. I started searching the web and read up on everything I could about the car. A few months later, when the studios started opening, I drove two hours to one to test-drive a 500—and I loved it even more!


Finally, about a few months later, I was enjoying my two-hour drive back home in my very own FIAT 500. I named him Enzo and I was the only person in my area for almost a year to have one. We got a lot of attention at first because not many people in my town have seen a new FIAT 500. The greatest part is that everyone who knows me calls my car Enzo. He has a personality of his own!

Lisa Mazzarella

I have always been a practical person—sometimes to the point of boredom. When my 15-year-old sedan was beginning to show its age, I knew I needed a new car. I saw the FIAT 500 in a public display area surrounded by velvet ropes. I don’t know what came over me, but I was compelled to cross the velvet barricade and sit in this beautiful automobile I swore was calling my name.

I am now the proud owner of a mocha latte FIAT 500 and love every moment I get behind the wheel! I’ve evolved into a liberated, sassy, adventurous person since my FIAT purchase—always ready for wherever the roadway leads. I’ve been told the car was tailor made for me and my personality. Who knew all of this pent-up zest for life was stifled by being overly practical? I LOVE my “Bella Macchina.” Viva sempre!!

Guillermo Sadir

This past February, my 10-year-old son and I participated in the Florida Gumball Rally, a two-day driving event across Florida. We had a chance to get to know great people from different states and visit awesome places across Florida, but best of all, I spent valuable time with my son while driving the best car I’ve ever owned, my 2012 FIAT 500C. 


Do you have a FIAT story of your own? Share it with us!

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Excuses to Buy a 2013 FIAT® 500 Abarth Cabrio

As temperatures begin to heat up, naturally the desire to drop your top becomes increasingly persistent. There are few better ways to commence summer than hitting the highway for a ride in a convertible. Keep these rebuttals on hand for the next time someone attempts to talk you out of fulfilling your fantasy of going topless in a 2013 FIAT 500 Abarth Cabrio.

Because my personal life could use some action

The envious looks that emanate from both drivers and pedestrians as you cruise by in your Abarth Cabrio validate the perceived attractiveness and stinging power of the Scorpion. This drop-top is designed to drop jaws. Just as scorpions attract mates with vibrational communication, the humming from the Abarth’s signature performance-tuned dual exhausts will draw the attention of admirers.  Feel the power of the roar for yourself in the clip below.

Topless Abarth

The stylish characteristics of the Abarth Cabrio are sure to have multiple suitors vying for a ride in your passenger seat. The elegance and comfort of the ride will cause endorphins to enter the bloodstream, where they’ll combine with adrenaline from the intense acceleration. Euphoria meets exhilaration.

Because I won’t have to sacrifice practicality

The Abarth Cabrio is a convertible of a different sort that brings about a carefree feeling, a panorama of the landscape impossible with the top on. The unique power roll-top retains more of its structural rigidity compared to traditional convertibles for year-round practicality. You’ll actually be able to raise and lower the roof at up to 60 mph, which is an advantage over other ragtops, whose drivers would typically have to stop their vehicles completely for open-air driving excitement.

Abarth Cabrio

The power-operated cloth top was intelligently designed to retract to the rear-spoiler position to avoid any obstruction. A middle position that retracts the top above the front passengers can be activated at any time regardless of speed. Headroom is optimized in the Abarth Cabrio, with 38.6 inches of front headroom with the top secured. However, we highly recommend going topless for the definitive stretch.

Because I’ll be the torque of the town

Whether you want to take a relaxed drive along the coast or feel the power of the track the Abarth Cabrio can accommodate a diverse mix of driving scenarios.  For a more aggressive drive a standard-equipped “Sport” mode calibration can be prompted with the touch of a button. Unleash the full power of the 1.4-liter MultiAir® Turbo in Sport mode, for an increase in torque from 150 ft.-lb. to 170 ft.-lb. With the touch of a button you can change the throttle mapping and add heft to the column-assist electric power steering.

When Sport mode is not engaged, the Abarth Cabrio returns to “Normal” mode and limits the torque in first and second gears to help enhance fuel efficiency.

Because I will never miss out on my daily dose of Vitamin D

scrRes (3)

Your body makes essential vitamin D when it’s exposed to ultraviolet B-rays given off by the sun. And when, exactly, was the last time you were in the sun? If your daily routine includes spending eight or so hours in the office just to drive home and repeat the next day, that’s precious little time spent in the sun. Sure, you could take a vitamin every day, but then you’d be denying yourself the joy of open-air motoring. Savor the commute and get a better suntan when cruising around the city streets in your Abarth Cabrio.

Because higher knowledge comes standard

Included with each 2013 FIAT 500 Abarth Cabrio is the opportunity for new owners to attend a segment-exclusive driving experience at no additional charge. The Abarth Driving Experience is an entire day of full-throttle training, guided by professional instructors from the Richard Petty Driving Experience to ensure fun and top-level instruction in a safe and structured setting.

When it comes time to purchase your new Abarth Cabrio, which excuse will you use? Tell us in the comments below!

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Reasons to Rent a FIAT® 500 on Your Next North American Vacation


When traveling out of town, whether for business or leisure, chances are you’ll need a reliable set of wheels to get you from one place to the next. Appreciate all of the perks that come with driving a FIAT® 500 the next time you find yourself in need of a rental car. In conjunction with upscale style, the FIAT 500 is great for driving in crowded downtown areas and in situations where parking space is limited. When the time next comes for you to take a rental retreat, consider these five benefits of opting for a FIAT 500:

Wallet friendly

Ultimately, of course, renting a car is about enjoying the road trip, but it’s always nice to save a few bucks along the way. Rental companies offer various levels of vehicles categorized based on size, cargo space and featured amenities. Commonly classified as economy cars, FIAT vehicles are typically less expensive to rent in comparison to compact and standard size vehicles.

Channel your stylish alter ego

The FIAT 500 is built for the fashionable — for people who know they look great in linen pants and red-soled stilettos. Never underestimate the transformative power of a FIAT 500! When behind the wheel of a FIAT, you begin to personify the distinguished style of iconic Italians. Armored with your new found Italian panache, you’ll quickly make being seen in this car a priority.

Pack a sporty edge

One of the most unique features to come with a FIAT 500 is Sport mode. Kick your rental into Sport mode with the tap of a button, and enjoy sharpened steering and automatic transmission shift points. Sport mode will help build up your torque tolerance, increasing torque from 150 lb-ft. to 170 lb-ft, for a more engaging drive. Trust us:  Life is definitely more fun in Sport mode!

More miles for your money

There is fun to be had when you rent a FIAT 500. With its ultra-efficient fuel management, boasting an EPA – estimated fuel economy of 34mpg* hwy / 27 mpg city, renting an automatic 6-speed FIAT 500 can save you a pretty penny at the pump and leave you with extra spending cash that you can use on treating yourself to an upgrade at your hotel.

Feel at home 

Inside the FIAT 500, comfort is designed, just like a sculpture. The deeply scalloped, one-piece bucket seats that welcome you as you slide behind the wheel will leave you wanting to stay in your FIAT 500 for extended periods of time.  Travelers will uncover 9.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the vehicles rear seats. A fully-functional four-seater, the 500 offers a comfortable fit for adult passengers.

We strive to change the way North American drivers think about style and function, efficiency and handling. Designed with European flare and sophistication, the FIAT 500 will provide you and your family with a one-of-a-kind driving experience sure to leave lasting memories for years to come.

Call your preferred rental company and secure a FIAT 500 for your next expedition today.

Where will you go in your FIAT 500? Share your FIAT 500 rental stories in the comments below!

*EPA estimates with 1.4L engine, premium gasoline + 6-speed automatic.

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The FIAT® USA Guide to Drinking Coffee Like an Italian

FIAT 500® drivers automatically increase their street smarts by displaying their love of racing-inspired power and European sophistication. But in order to fully embody the FIAT 500 lifestyle, drivers must demonstrate their Italian swagger both on and off the road.

When it comes time to conquer your daily to-do list, having a FIAT 500 to efficiently maneuver from one errand to the next is quite advantageous. However, there comes a particular time in the day when you undoubtedly need to feel the jolt of caffeine to help get you through those tedious tasks, which likely means you’ll be pulling into a quaint coffee shop for an Espresso.


Italians hold caffe in much higher regard than most cultures. Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture that the idea of not drinking it is as foreign as the idea of having to explain its rituals. These rituals are never compromised and not always easy for outsiders to pick up on. To help our drivers personify the class and style that come along with their FIAT 500, we’re giving them a leg up with these tips for drinking coffee like a true Italian.

1)    Drink cappuccinos or any creamy, milk-based coffees only in the morning and never after a meal to prevent any uninviting glares. Italians find hot milk on a full stomach to be unsettling. Remember: The clock strikes noon, the coffee goes normale.

2)    With the exception of breakfast, wait to order caffe until after your final course, as it is considered the final touch to a meal.

3)    Use the word espresso sparingly, and correctly. This a technical term in Italian referring to the default setting on the espresso maker, which equates to a single dose or shot. Therefore ordering a single espresso is simply known as “un caffè.”

4)    Keep it simple. Italians believe less is more when it comes to coffee. Your venti, non-fat, no foam, no water, 6 pump, extra hot, chai tea latte will only confuse your barista, and you most likely will not get what you ordered.

5)    Don’t take your coffee to go. Italians typically consume their morning coffee in two or three sips while standing at the bar, leaving tables for tourists due to a significant increase in price for simply sitting down.

6)    Never drink your coffee out of a paper cup. Italians value drinking espresso out of a ceramic cup shaped like an egg (smaller on the bottom, larger on top). This shape enhances the flavor of the coffee and limits heat dispersion keeping your drink warm.

7)    Formal etiquette says you never take the cup only, but you raise your saucer with one hand and drink your coffee with the other.

Which of these rules do think will be the most difficult for you to get accustomed to? Find support from other caffeinated FIAT drivers in the comments below!

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The FIAT® 500 Color Wheel

Colors affect us in countless ways — mentally and physically, consciously and subconsciously. Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, such as when you begin to tap your brakes before approaching a red light. Color also holds the power to influence mood and cause physiological reactions, as our feelings about color can be deeply personal and are often rooted in our own cultures.  For example, in the color wheel, hues of blue (or cool colors) create a sense of serenity and calmness, while warm colors (including shades of red, orange and yellow) stimulate energy.

Consequently, the color of your FIAT®  500 can be a reflection of your personality that tells a story about who you are. Express yourself through your FIAT vehicle. With 14 colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a hue that complements your unique personality.


Verde Azzurro (Blue Green): You are poised and confident, and are seen as faithful and credible.

Rosso Brillante (Red Tri-Coat): You are a showstopper — a fashionable individual who captivates the attention of passers-by.

Rosso (Red):  Your outgoing personality ignites passion — and as a result, you are full of life.

Rame (Copper): You are a complex individual who is both creative and charming.

Nero (Black):  You embody authority and power.

Luce Blue (Light Blue): You are a refined individual who finds peace and energy from within.

Grigio (Grey): You exemplify sophistication and confidence in your everyday life.

Gallio (Yellow): Your sunny disposition shows that you are young at heart.

Espresso (Brown): With both feet planted firmly on the ground, you are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome.

Bianco Perla (Pearly White Tri-Coat):  You are calm, cool and collected.

Bianco (White): You are a simple soul who values order and prefers organization when it comes to your car.  It is not in your temperament to appear sloppy or unkempt.

Azzurro (Blue):  You tend to be loyal and methodical.

Argento (Silver):  Your standards are high, and you appreciate elegance with a bit of flash.

Verde Oliva (Olive Green): You are a natural peacemaker.

Verde Chiaro (Light Green): You are conscientious and consider the cause and effect of everything you do.

Do you feel that the color of your FIAT 500 accurately speaks to your unique personality? Compare your answers with those of other FIAT fans in the comments below!

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Arianna’s American Dream Comes True

Arianna, a successful singer and actress in her homeland of Italy, never imagined that a cameo on Torna a Surriento, featured in the popular FIAT 500 commercial Immigrants,” would one day lead to her first American single. “Sexy People – The FIAT Song,” is an exuberant international anthem that transcends cultures and establishes her as a musical artist in the U.S.

As a young girl, Arianna was heavily influenced by music, growing up in the vibrant graces of her mother, Italian pop singer Graziella Caly. Arianna found inspiration from the voices of classic American musicians she heard as a child.  Admittedly, Arianna was somewhat apprehensive to follow in the musical path of her mother, but she prospered and developed her own unique sound.

Even though she is just beginning her career in America, Arianna has already carved a successful reputation in Italy. Her journey to stardom began at age 14 as the voice of Disney in Italy. The multi-talented performer starred in several Italian films and televisions shows and major Italian theater productions including Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz and Pinocchio. Among Arianna’s most recognizable achievements, she had the privilege of being personally selected by Pope John Paul II to perform in front of an audience of 350,000 in Rome.

It wasn’t until Arianna’s first spotlight on the FIAT 500 commercial Immigrants” that America began to take notice of this talented Italian powerhouse. She even captivated the attention of national recording companies and signed, impressively, with RCA Recordings.

 FiatBeachParty (313 of 400)

With the help of her new friends, Arianna’s American video debut, “Sexy People – The FIAT Song,” is guaranteed to heat up coastlines and clubs nationwide.

Have you seen the star-studded video for “Sexy People – The FIAT Song”? Which of Arianna’s friends were you most surprised to see make an appearance in the video?

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Arianna & Arianna: The Story Behind the “Sexy People – The FIAT Song” Yacht

Remarkable coincidences happen every once in a blue moon. Sometimes these occurrences mean nothing at all, but sometimes, we find ourselves face to face with serendipity.  That’s exactly what happened when producers for “Sexy People – The FIAT Song” music video sought out to secure the perfect ambiance for Arianna and Pitbull’s sexy voyage across the Atlantic.

Producers quickly agreed, aside from a FIAT 500, what better way to bring sexy to the states than by yacht? It seemed as if the stars had aligned when producers discovered a luxurious 60 yard yacht bearing the name Arianna, coincidentally the same name as the rising star of the “Sexy People” video. The boat’s owner is said to have found inspiration for the name Arianna from the two leading ladies in his life, converging the names of his daughter, Anna and his wife, Arina.

“The vision of Arianna was born from the owner’s value and commitment to family and his love for the open seas. Together, Arianna is the perfect marriage between a home away from home and a vessel that matches the performance and majesty of any superyacht in its class,” said SG Private Wealth Advisors President and CEO, Dovi Frances. “Partnering with Fiat USA, Pitbull and Arianna has been a great experience and the beginning of what we hope to be a long relationship with the artists and their brands.”

FiatBeachParty (188 of 400)


The Arianna yacht exemplifies pure luxury with its lush interior including rare tropical hardwoods, silk carpets and organic fabrics.  Costing approximately $80,000 to gas up, this extravagant vessel can hold up to 21,900 U.S. gallons of fuel, with a range of over 5,000 nautical miles. That is a whole lot more than you would spend at the pump fueling the yacht’s precious cargo, the FIAT 500, which is capable of an EPA estimated 40 mpg* highway.

FiatBeachParty (209 of 400)

Producers used the Miami Harbor as the backdrop, which meant that the entire cast and crew, including Pitbull, had to be shuttled out to the vessel in small speedboats. Additional boats with film crews coasted alongside the yacht to capture every facet of ultimate extravagance.

The synchronicity behind the name of the yacht Arianna having the same name as the Italian pop star featured in the “Sexy People –The FIAT song” video was a meaningful sign that the stars had aligned on this star-studded project. Just as the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus traveled by boat to discover America, Arianna and the stars of “Sexy People – The FIAT Song” utilized similar means to bring iconic Italian flair to the coast of Miami.

If you were given the opportunity to own a yacht with the stature of Arianna, what would you name it? Share your creative yacht names with us in the comments below.

*EPA estimates with 1.4L engine, premium gasoline + 5-speed manual.

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